5 Tremendous Celestron Telescopes

5 Tremendous Celestron Telescopes

Is there anything more captivating and beautiful than the night sky? If you love staring into the inky black vastness of space, contemplating the distances between galaxies. We have 5 tremendous Celestron telescope suggestions to turn staring into the night sky from simply beautiful to something sublime.

Explorer LT 70

The Celestron Explorer LT 70 is a great telescope for those starting out in astronomy. It is a light easy to use telescope that performs well above its price. The LT70 sits on an easy to adjust Azmiuth mount, with a thumb screw and slow-motion control.

What really transforms the LT 70 is the Starsense App and phone mount. It allows you to easily and locate some of the brightest objects in the sky such as double clusters and bright stars.

Astromaster 130EQ

If you are a beginner that is looking for a scope that is brighter and allows to you see deeper into space, then consider the Astromaster 130EQ. It is portable, affordable, light and offers crisp views of the planet, the moon and even the rings of Saturn. It comes with an equatorial mount which can be a challenge a first but, becomes intuitive to use once you get used to it.

Celestron Explorer DX 6 Inch

The Celestron Explorer DX 6 Inch is bright and very easy to use. A real pack up and go scope with a wide field of view, and a very helpful accessory tray.  Another advantage the DX 6-inch offers is that the manual Azimuth mount in conjunction with the star sense app makes it very easy to find and focus on your desired object. It works well in both the light polluted city as well as dark sites.

Nexstar 8 SE

The Nexstar 8 SE is a fantastic telescope for scope for viewing galaxies and deep space objects. The perfect scope to set up and view the Martian ice caps and Saturn’s moon within an hour.

This is largely due to the motorised mount, the wide diameter of the tube and Starbright XLT coating which reduces glare. You will spend less time searching and more time observing thanks to the motorised mount and the GO-TO tracking system’s database of 40 000 objects. 

Explorer 10 Inch Dobsonian

The ‘Dobo, Dobby” is ultra-stable and brings out staggering details, while still being portable and easy to use. A scope for serious beginners or intermediate astronomers, you will never outgrow this Dobsonian.

This is thanks to the massive diameter of the tube and smooth up and down adjustment of the altitude break and ergonomic panning knob. The dobby’s powerful optics offer low power views of deep sky objects and high-power views of the moon, planets and double stars.

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