7 Tips to Check When You Buy a Used Lens

7 Tips to Check When You Buy a Used Lens

When it comes to photography one of the most expensive costs is lenses. They aren’t cheap and you’ll find yourself spending thousands of rands for a really good lense. Though there is an alternative way to save you those thousands of rands and that is buying from the used market. While there are of course risks involved from buying from the used market and if you’re afraid of those risks, then this video is for you as it will give you the tips from weeding out the useless from the useful.

This video comes from ZY Productions and is a great video that features seven things you should check out when you are buying a used lens. If you’re into always find the best deal or even exploration the different lenses out there. Then buying from the used market can provide you some of the best lenses on the market for more than half the price. You will definitely be surprised at the amount and quality of lenses you can find, and you’ll definitely have some stories to tell on how you found this incredible lens with this price. This video is great to avoid those sellers that are trying to scam into buying a bad lens. It’s always important for you to check out the lens in person and be allowed to thoroughly test the lens to find any imperfections. If the seller doesn’t allow this then don’t even think about buying. If you want to be opened to a new world of lens buying then check out the full video above. You can find more tips on photography here and over here.

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Have you ever bought a lens used? What was the best lens you found? Do you have any other tips to avoid being tricked when buying a used lens?

Blog credit to www.fstoppers.com (Alex Cooke)

Video credit ZY Productions