Long Exposure

8 Creative and Technical Tips for Better Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography is a beloved technique, utilized by many genres, as well as forming something of a genre itself. In this video, one photographer walks you through his process and some tips on how to get the best out of your own long exposure images.

Brazilian artist and photographer, Vitor Schietti, has created some memorable are viral photographs involving steel wool sparks and long exposure. I want to start this article with a strong caveat: while I love some of Schietti’s images, please do not accidentally set fire to trees if you try this. In the wrong part of the world, climbing a tree and flinging sparks around could start a full-blown forest fire.

Nevertheless, this video is full of useful and actionable tips outside of Schietti’s specific brand of images. One tip he suggests is keeping a sort of creative journal so you can sketch out ideas when you have them. I am far from an artist when it comes to drawing — I’ve often joked that’s why I had to become a photographer — but I do sketch out my ideas. My most successful image from an artistic standpoint (it has been in exhibitions in the Louvre and Times Square among others) was poorly sketched out in Microsoft Paint with my mouse originally! I knew the composition I wanted to create and where the elements of the image would sit, and getting it down on “paper” helped me on the day.

Credits: Robert, FStoppers