A Better Way to Warp Your Images


In the past, if you wanted to distort or warp a section of your images, there were a few options to go about that process. New in Photoshop 2020, this video shows the updated method for that specific area.

One method that may come to mind for many is the Liquify tool, which I would say takes some adjusting and practice to make the brush work the way you want for different situations. The other way I find myself warping a specific area would be to select that region of the image, duplicate, and warp that only. Then, I would have to go back and blend in the new section into the rest of the image. In this video, Aaron Nace from Phlearn shows how you can now use the Split Warp feature to divide an image into subsections and warp the smaller area without affecting the rest of the image. 

If you haven’t quite figured out how to work the Liquify tool to your liking, this updated feature may be the answer for you. I recommend being mindful of the background when you do any kind of distortions and warping, especially as shown in the second example in the video with the girl on the swing and the cage bars around her.

Credit : Fstoppers.com ( Alex Ventura )