Are You Serious About Vlogging?

If you want to take your vlogging game to the next level you need to get the Sony ZV-1. Here are 5 reasons why it should be your new vlogging camera.

Next Level AF Abilities

Real-time Eye AF[iii] and Real-time Tracking AF for video allows the ZV-1 to seamlessly switch focus between multiple subjects while controlling the AF speed and tracking sensitivity. The Sony ZV-1 can assess depth before refocusing which means that your video will stay in focus when switching between subjects

The camera allows you to easily switch between two modes of background blur without losing auto focus with the new Background Defocus System.

If your niche is product reviews or similar videos you will love the Product Showcase Setting. This feature allows for a smooth autofocus transition between your face and the object place in front of the lens.

Amazing Video Quality

The Sony ZV-1 can shoot 4k in 30p or 25p. The camera will stop recording in 4k after 5 minutes, but you can circumvent this by switching off the overheat warnings. Most of us will prefer doing our vlogs in 1080p. The camera can shoot 1080 at 120p. You even have the option of high-speed upscaled video at 960p.

Interval shooting will allow you to do amazing time-lapse videos and the camera has a super slow option at 960 frames per second.

Quality Onboard Mic

A quality onboard mic is not easily found. The Sony ZV-1 features the best onboard mic found in a compact camera yet. The three-capsule mic is designed to pick up the voices of people addressing the camera. It does this better than most entry-level directional microphones. This might not sound like a big deal because the camera has a standard 3.5mm jack and most vloggers would want to use an external mic. But when opportunity strikes and you don’t have your full setup with you, you will thank Sony for going the extra mile.

Fully Articulated Screen

This is a must have for any serious vlogging camera. Some manufactures have cut corners and cost in the past by opting for a flip up screen rather than a proper fully articulated screen. Sony did not disappoint us and went all the way.

The screen size is 3-inches and feature 921600 dots. Just the right size and resolution to make what you are recording easy to see without making the camera larger than would be necessary.

Image Stabilization

In HD Active Steadyshot recording mode optical and electronic stabilization combines to reduce shake up to 11 time better than Sony’s standard SteadyShot stabilization. This allows you to record smooth and steady video even while walking. In 4k Active Steadyshot recording mode the effect is 8 times better. This allows you to record smooth and steady video even when on the move.

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