Atomos Releases the Long-Awaited Sumo 19SE

The Australian company has updated their 19-inch display after five years, essentially bringing it in line with today’s tech.

When I reviewed the original Atomos Sumo, I thought it was a great tool on set. In fact, I recommended it for HDR, as it was the cheapest option available. This was partly because it didn’t have a true 10–bit HDR display — it housed an 8+2bit FRC display. In short, it would work for HDR monitoring on set, but wouldn’t compete with higher-end monitors.

Since then, Atomos has released their “Neon” series. These monitors do have a full 10-bit HDR display, and the cost is decently higher. They’re not perfect, but they get the job done.

So, it’s refreshing to see that the new Atomos Sumo 19″ SE actually comes with a 10-bit, 1,200-nit, HDR display. On top of this, the recording element is now able to handle 6K ProRes raw. That’s a pretty nice spec bump if you ask me.

The Sumo is a decent monitor for focus pulling, and I’ve even used it while operating the camera.

I felt that this monitor was great for transporting. After all, it’s rugged and just the right size. However, it’s too small to edit with, which is why Atomos’ Neon 24” is probably the better bet. It seems that Atomos is having trouble stocking the Neon in larger sizes right now. Perhaps we’ll also be seeing a worthy update to these monitors?

Either way, I’m glad the Sumo is getting the love it deserves. It’s a pity that it doesn’t directly integrate with Atomos’ “CONNECT” system, which integrates with Frame.io. Perhaps that will be saved for the Neon series’ refresh. The new monitor can be picked up for $2,000. This is $500 cheaper than the Neon 17”, so it’s not a bad deal if the monitors turn out to be comparable.

Credit: FStoppers