Attaching a Sony a7S III and a Gimbal to a Remote Controlled Car

Sony A7S III

What happens when you combine a high-end video-centric mirrorless camera like the Sony A7S III, a gimbal, and a remote-controlled offroad car? Potentially a spectacular and singular angle, but will it work?

I have a life-long love affair with gadgets of all descriptions, and I thoroughly enjoy testing out new ones. However, if there’s one thing I enjoy more than that, it’s seeing how you can combine gadgets to create something unique. In this video, Peter Lindgren unites the video titan of hybrid cameras, the Sony a7S III, the video gimbal DJI RS2, and a custom remote-controlled car.

The results are interesting. They’re not quite stable enough to be usable in anything high-end unless the footage was intended to be a little rough for effect. There are lots of vibrations happening that the RS2 can’t quite cancel out, and I think the rig is going to need a bit more work before it can compete with simply a low-flying drone. However, as was mentioned in the comments, there is some post-production stabilization that could bring the footage up in quality that might make a significant difference.

What this sort of experiment reminded me is that there is a ready why the industry has spent so much money researching and building different camera rigs that maintain stability. Steadicams, for example, are eye-watering prices for a reason!

Credits: FStoppers