Black Eye 3-Pack | Shop Now | Cameraland Sandton
Black Eye 3-Pack | Shop Now | Cameraland SandtonBlack Eye 3-Pack | Shop Now | Cameraland SandtonBlack Eye 3-Pack | Shop Now | Cameraland SandtonBlack Eye 3-Pack | Shop Now | Cameraland Sandton

Black Eye 3-Pack

R 799.99 R 619.99

Watches & Jewelry

Wide, Fish eye & Macro


Product Description

The ultimate bang for your buck

For aspiring mobile photographers. The Black Eye 3-Pack is a entry-level option for the everyday content creator who’s looking for great price/quality with a lot of versatility

Capture action with the Fisheye, landscapes with the Wide and the smallest details with the Macro. Unleash the Macro by simply unscrewing the Wide lens and the Macro appears inside. These pocket-sized lenses travel easily with you wherever you go. Make your smartphone the only content creation tool you need.

Use the Wide and Fisheye for:

  • Social Media – Make your stories pop up. Just clip the lens on and make your photos and videos effortlessly different from the others
  • Selfies – Get a wider view to selfies by just clipping the wide or the fisheye lens over your front camera
  • Travel – Leave your action and SLR cameras home and travel light
  • Video – Mobile video crops the image to stabilize the footage. Get the lost corners back by using either the Wide or the Fisheye lens!

Use the Macro for:

  • Insects – Capture the smallest details of any beings with 15 times closer
  • Flowers – See the beauty of leafs and blooms in a new incredible way
  • Watches & Jewelry – Capture the tiniest details of your precious belongings and see them in an entirely new way
  • Something else – Be creative! The world is full of amazing tiny things that up to this date were not possible to capture, so use your imagination!

Features and compatibility

  • Black Eye 3-Pack phone lenses work on smartphones such as iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy and many others.
  • Transform content into cinematic stories to share with friends and family in full 120 degree view, or go as close as you can with the Macro.
  • Perfect for shooting landscapes, architecture, action sports, road trips, parties – anything where you need to fit more in your picture
  • All lenses work on dual lens devices
  • Use the Wide or the Fisheye for social media stories and live streaming


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