Canon Eos 800D Still Going Strong

The Canon Eos 800D was released in February 2017 and more than 3 years on it is still one of Canon’s most popular cameras. Why has it remained so popular?

Not just a beginner camera

Canon might market the 800D as an entry-level camera but it features some of Canon’s latest imaging technology. It has the same 45-point AF system that you will find in the Canon Eos 90D. It can shoot continuously at 6 frames per second with a buffer of 27 shots when shooting raw. It also has an ISO range of 100 to 25600. This is no regular starter camera.

Video Capability

The Canon Eos 800D might not offer 4K video, but it can shoot full HD at 60 frames per second. It has a mic input and a full vari-angle touch screen which makes it a great camera for the vlogging generation. The Canon 800D’s autofocus is fast and reliable, both in regular viewfinder shooting, which uses the 45-point phase-detection AF sensor and in Live View, which uses the Dual Pixel CMOS AF system.

Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity

The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections are easy enough to set up and use via the Canon Camera Connect app. This allows you to download videos and photos to your phone or to use your phone as an external monitor.

Battery Life

The big reason why many professionals and amateurs still prefer DSLR cameras over mirror-less cameras is the battery life. The 800D can take 600 photos on a single charge which is much better than comparative mirror-less cameras.


If you are new to video or photography work and are looking for a good value for money camera that punches above it’s weight this is the camera for you.

Quick Specs

24.2mp APS-C Sensor

45 Cross-type AF points

Dual Pixel CMOS AF


Full HD video at 60p