The Canon EOS R6: How Does It Hold Up After One Year of Shooting?

Canon EOS R6

At just $2,499, the Canon EOS R6 has a remarkable list of specifications and along with the R5, has helped to reassert Canon’s dominance over the camera market. How does this camera hold up after a whole year of use?

Jared Polin was among the first to get his hands on the Canon EOS R6 and a combination of the coronavirus pandemic and a global chip shortage has meant that several elements of the camera market have been disrupted, making this a tricky camera to get hold of. Right now, B&H Photo is expecting more stock in the next two to four weeks, and other major vendors are also out of stock.

With this price tag, Polin is right to argue that this is a lot of camera for not very much money, and it will be interesting to see how Sony responds when it announces its much-anticipated a7 IV. Latest rumors suggest that it will have a 33-megapixel sensor and that an announcement is due in October, and Sony may choose to undercut its main rival. Just as the a7 III felt almost like a loss-leader, its successor may follow suit, presenting customers with a tough choice.

Will the a7 IV make the R6 feel slightly expensive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Credits: FStoppers