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Canon Plans to Undercut the Competition’s Prices With the EOS R3

Canon recently confirmed the upcoming EOS R3 mirrorless camera with some jaw-dropping specs, leaving many to wonder just where it will sit in terms of price. It looks like in addition to its aggressive features, Canon will also place it at an aggressive price that undercuts the competition. 

You might recall that while Canon has not released a ton of specs for the upcoming EOS R3 mirrorless camera, those they have confirmed have been highly impressive, including an integrated grip (normally reserved for the 1 Series), flagship-level dust- and weather-resistance, a newly developed stacked CMOS sensor with a back-illuminated design for faster readout, eye-controlled autofocus, and 30 fps burst speeds. 

One thing we could only speculate about was price, but now, it looks like Canon is aiming to be quite competitive. Canon Rumors is reporting that the EOS R3 will be priced at $5,999 at launch, $500 below both the 1D X Mark III and more importantly, the Sony a1. When you factor in that the Sony a1 does not come with a grip, the EOS R3 becomes even more competitive. In between the a1, EOS R3, and Nikon Z 9, the upper echelon of full frame cameras is certainly heating up. Hopefully, we’ll find out more soon! 

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