DJI ‘Mini 3 Pro’ drone appears to get revealed in leaked video

DJI hasn’t even teased its next-generation sub-250g drone, but someone has already gotten their hands on a prototype ‘Mini 3 Pro,’ revealing a number of details and specifications we can expect to see whenever the new drone is launched.

Twitter account DroneDeals has shared a video showing off a compact drone with labels and branding suggesting it is a ‘Mini 3 Pro’ drone from DJI, marking the first time a ‘Mini’ drone from DJI bears the ‘Pro’ nomenclature. In addition to sharing both stills and video of the unreleased drone, DroneDeals shares some insight into the various new and improved features and specifications the drone comes with.

The most significant detail revealed in the video is the inclusion of two forward-facing and two downward-facing obstacle avoidance sensors. This would mark the first time any of the Mini drones have such sensors, which help prevent the drone from crashing into objects.

The new drone also appears to have a slightly larger battery compared to its predecessors. According to the leaked images, the Mini 3 battery is rated for 2,453mAh, a 203mAh increase over the batteries used by the Mini 2. It’s unclear whether or not this will translate to a longer flight time, but more battery power never hurts one way or another.

There’s also the weight of this leaked drone. Like all of its ‘Mini’ predecessors, this Mini 3 weighs in at just 249g, putting it below the 250g limit many legislative bodies have put in place around the world as the starting weight at which you have to register your drone with the local flight authorities.

Last, but by no means least, is the camera and gimbal setup. Unfortunately, the leaked images don’t provide much information. Aside from visual confirmation the onboard camera will feature a camera with an F1.7 lens, we don’t get much other information. It’s also difficult to see what changes might be going on in the gimbal considering the gimbal appears to have been damaged in a crash crash.

Credits: DPReview