hahnel Captur Timer Kit for Fujifilm DSLR Cameras (1)

hahnel Captur Timer Kit For Fujifilm DSLR Cameras

R 1,799.99

Wireless Remote Shutter Release & Timer

Includes Receiver, Requires Transmitter

Long Exposures & Time-Lapse Photography

Single, Continuous, and Bulb Modes


Product Description

Capture long exposures & time-lapse photo sequences remotely and wirelessly, thanks to the hahnel Captur Timer Kit for Fujifilm digital SLR cameras. This bundle enhances your Captur remote shutter release system by providing a AA battery-powered interval timer module, as well as a receiver for mounting on a camera. Additional receivers are available for firing even more DSLRs. Use this kit with the transmitter you already have, or purchase one separately.

As an alternative to wireless operation, the system can function in wired mode, and this kit includes the F1 and F2 cables for connecting both the receiver and timer module to the camera. The module features single, continuous, and bulb exposure modes, allowing you to choose from a huge range of exposure times with the continuous and bulb settings. Its interval timer is fully programmable and offers two timing sequences, as well as selectable delay times. Additionally, Digital Channel Matching (DCM) ensures quick and easy pairing of other receivers and triggers if you choose to expand your setup. The Captur works on the 2.4 GHz frequency for reduced radio interference and an impressive operating range of up to 328′. It offers simple controls and a large, easy-to-read LCD screen for hassle-free operation. Pressing the shutter release button halfway will activate autofocus, while a full push will trigger the shutter to capture an image.


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