How Much Money Does 50 Million Views Make You on YouTube?


YouTube can be a lucrative platform if you can break through the huge crowd of very talented creators all jockeying for position on the platform. Of course, that is a huge caveat, but if you are interested in what kind of income a creator can make at the top of the pile, this informative video that features a high-level YouTuber pulling back the curtain will show you just what you need to know.

Coming to you from Think Media, this interesting video discusses how much they made off of approximately 50 million views (and 3.2 million hours of watched video) in 2021. The Think Media channel, which specializes in tech reviews, camera tutorials, and YouTube growth how-tos, has just a hair under two million subscribers and a total view count of about 160 million, with 50 million of those coming in 2021, which certainly puts them near the top of their genre. It is nice to see that being there actually produces a nice income, but it is also important to remember that running and maintaining a successful YouTube channel is stressful and demanding work that requires the ability to constantly churn out fresh ideas and content with compelling and professional-level production, and even then, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll break out of the crowd to reach these levels. Nonetheless, it is some interesting insight into the platform. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

Credits: Alex Cooke, Fstoppers