How to Clean Lenses

The comic (or is it sadistic…) minds over at DPReview TV have put together a lens cleaning guide that somehow manages to be three things at once: informative, comical, and extremely painful to watch.

In classic DPRTV fashion, Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake recently took a bunch of broken lenses and used them to show the best, and the worst, ways on how to clean lenses. And while we should note that there are multiple run-ins with a dremel, Niccolls and Drake actually do manage to cover some important points.

Key takeaways include on How To Clean Lenses:

  • The various types of microfiber cloths and cleaning solutions out there
  • Why you should never use a cloth or wipe when there’s dirt or sand on the element
  • The perils of the early formulations of ROR optical lens cleaner
  • What cleaning does to lens coatings over the long term.
  • And more…

Check out the full video above to dive into each of these points in more detail, including a lovely informercial break around 3/4 of the way through. Just be prepared to grit your teeth a little bit—there’s something physically painful about watching a dremel bit dig into the front element of a lens… even a broken one.

Blog Credit to PetaPixel

Video Credit to DPReview