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How to Use Your Fujifilm Camera as a Webcam?

It can be hard to find a really good webcam but what if you could use your own camera as a webcam. This video will show how to use your Fujifilm camera as a webcam to work on a Mac computer for applications such as Zoom and Facebook Live,

Last month, we found a means of connecting a Sony camera as a webcam using a couple of different pieces of software that effectively piggyback each other to take the feed from the camera and make it available to software such as Zoom. There is one problem to this set-up, as you’ll need to install an old version of Zoom and there are reports that the frame rates you can achieve are quite low. Sadly there’s no workaround this.

Within this video Kim Farrelly offers you a similar solution for Fujifilm shooters and it seems to be a better option given that it can film in HD. This also avoids the need for expensive hardware and it isn’t too intensive on your camera’s battery.

Let us know if you get this up and running. If you have a solution for P.C. users, be sure to post it in the comments below.

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