Leica and Olympus Join Nikon in Making Online Courses Available for Free

Leica and Olympus Join Nikon in Making Online Courses Available for Free

It might feel like the world is crumbling around you, but while you’re indoors, you may as well get some learning under you belt.

There’s a lot of negatives to think about at the moment — it’s hard not to — but there are a number of positives. On such silver lining for us to focus on is the sheer volume of content and support many of the major players in the photography industry are offering. One of the key elements comes in the form of education. We’ve already seen Nikon make their courses available for freeSkillshare offering an increased duration free trial, and we’ve made our Photography 101 completely free too.

Now, joining this push of support for creatives, are Leica and Olympus. Leica have launched the #StayHomeWithLeica initiative where you can register to join conversation with top photographers on specific topics like still life, or broader concepts like creativity. Similarly, Olympus are putting on classes teaching specific genres of photography, with limited spaces. In fact, many are already full so you’ll need to act quickly here.

There really has been no better time to polish your photography skills and thankfully, many companies are actively supporting that opportunity. Take advantage! Get learning, and in spirit of Shaun of the Dead, have a nice cup of tea, stay inside, and wait for all this to blow over.

Blog credit Fstoppers (Robert K Baggs)