Manfrotto launches its own Canon, Nikon camera batteries and dual-bay charger

Manfrotto launches its own Canon, Nikon camera batteries and dual-bay charger

Manfrotto has introduced its own-brand camera batteries and a dual-bay charger that will be available exclusively in the USA. The lithium-ion batteries fit Canon and Nikon cameras, and are said to offer enhanced performance over standard batteries.

The HLX-E6N battery for Canon is a replacement for Canon’s LP-E6N, but the Manfrotto version offers 2000mAh over Canon’s 1865mAh. The Nikon alternative has slightly greater capacity than the 1900mAh of Nikon’s EN-EL15A and EN-EL15B batteries, but slightly less than the 2280mAh capacity of the EN-EL-15C.

The ProCube charger can accommodate two batteries of the same type and charge them simultaneously. The charger is compatible with batteries from Sony cameras as well as those from Canon and Nikon. An LCD panel shows charging progress as a percentage as well as in mAh, and also informs users of the health of the cells. The charging bay plate is interchangeable, so those with more than one brand of camera will be able to use the camera charging unit with different plates, and AA batteries can also be charged via a further included plate.

Sharp-eyed readers will note the striking similarity between the Manfrotto ProCube with its new batteries and the ProCube and batteries currently available from Hähnel. Perhaps existing Hähnel charging plates for other brands and battery types will also be compatible with this Manfrotto version. While Manfrotto has no track record in battery technology Hähnel does, and it is a pretty good one at that, so we can assume these will be very good alternatives to those supplied by the camera manufacturers.

Manfrotto Professional Batteries will cost $49.99, while the ProCube will cost $79.99 including adapters for European and UK plugs. For more information see the Manfrotto website.

Original Article: Dpreview.com (Damien Demolder)