Office Chair Versus Gaming Chair: Which is Better?

In the 21st Century, we often spend a good amount of time at our desks, which means that you’ll find yourself sitting down a lot of the time. Which means that you need to be comfortable, which means that you need a comfortable chair. But which is better an office chair or a hyper-cool gaming chair?

If you follow streamers or watch YouTubers, you’ll probably have seen them sitting on a cool looking chair, usually a gaming chair. There are quite a few differences between an office and a gaming chair. Gaming chairs have better lumbar support, 360 movement, reclinable, high-quality materials, etc. But office chairs have come along for their boring designs and have been designed to make sure that you can have long sessions without having a strained back.

if you still can’t choose the team over at Gamer Nexus did a deep dive. It also shows the deceptive marketing tactics and unnecessary features that a lot of brands in all three categories are getting away with.

The gaming industry is full of streamers, designers, gamers, and more who’ll spend a huge amount of time in their chairs and we hope that this has helped in making the right choice for you. And in the end if you can’t choose then you could always get a standing desk.

How would you rate your current for support and comfort? What was most important for you when choosing it? I’m in the market for a new chair so what’s your advice?

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Original article: Fstoppers.com (Michael DeStefano)