Polished Commercial Look With Natural Light

Using natural light can be tough but In the world of commercial video projects, smokes and mirrors have been a trademark for years. This is true for some of the most cinematic and commercial looking video projects and

The guys from Epic Light Media published a detailed lesson in which they show us how to use the natural sunlight with the help of several cheap modifiers from the hardware store, can help to create a polished, fantastic, fake, and funny commercial. if you haven’t dealt with natural light before, there are several aspects of it: it’s free, but if you want to modify it, you might need some tools for supporting your modifiers. This means that there will be a lot of light stands.

The other drawback is that your source of light (the sun) isn’t in the same position, but moves. This requires constant adjustment of your modifiers. Apart from that, the results can be quite satisfactory, because spending less than $100 on modifiers can give you a million-dollar look, assuming you already grip support available. if you light the scene skillfully, it may be unrecognizable from an artificially-lit shot with powerful, heavy, and expensive light sources.

Using natural light is tough and hard to understand but this video shows you how to do some tricks to make it look like a million dollars.

Original Article Fstoppers.com (Tihomir Lazarov)

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