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BlackRapid Double Slim Breathe Camera Harness

Holds Two Cameras

For Thin or Smaller-Framed Wearers

Places Cameras Upside-Down Against Waist

Allows Easy and Fast Access to Cameras

Nylon Webbing, 60″ Adjustable Length

Non-Slip, 3″-Wide Shoulder Pads

Spring-Loaded Bumper Locks for Cameras

Durable, CR-3 ConnectR Carabiners

Front Sternum, Rear Stabilizing Straps

Add Webbing for 3rd Camera or Binocular


Designed for thin or smaller-framed photographers, this BlackRapid Double Slim Breathe Camera Harness accommodates two cameras by allowing them to hang from the right and left shoulders. The cameras can then rest upside-down along both the right and left hips so they can be quickly raised for use. Even when connected to two large cameras with their attached lenses, the Double Slim Breathe remains comfortable to wear due to its resilient and breathable mesh pads which cushion the back and shoulders. The pads’ structure optimizes air circulation between the wearer and the harness, which works to remove and minimize perspiration in warm and hot environments.