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BlackRapid Hybrid Breathe Camera Strap


Cross-Body Strap, Holds 1 or 2 Cameras

For Right-Handed Users

Places Cameras Upside-Down Against Waist

Allows Easy and Fast Access to Cameras



The BlackRapid Hybrid Breathe Camera Strap is designed be worn across a right-handed user’s body, draped from the left shoulder to the right hip. A connected camera can then rest upside-down along the right hip so that it can be quickly raised for use. This strap’s large, moisture-wicking shoulder pad can also accommodate a second, detachable webbing which is included so an additional camera can be connected and allowed to rest upside-down along the left hip. Additionally, the Hybrid Breathe Camera Strap is an effective option for larger-build photographers who intend to move quickly on flat or rugged terrain.