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Canon BG-R10 Battery Grip

For EOS R5 and EOS R6 Mirrorless Cameras

Holds Up to Two LP-E6NH Batteries

Improved Handling, Extended Battery Life

Additional Shutter and Control Dials


Canon BG-R10 Specifications

Dedicated to the Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 mirrorless cameras, the Canon BG-R10 Battery Grip offers extended shooting times as well as improved handling, especially when working in the vertical shooting orientation. The Canon BG-R10 Battery Grip design permits working with two LP-E6NH/LP-E6N/LP-E6 batteries to effectively double battery life. Additionally, the extended design of the grip facilitates a more stable hold and secondary controls, dials, and an additional shutter release permit effective control over the camera. Additionally, the grip is designed to the same weather-resistant standards as the camera bodies for use in inclement conditions.

The Canon BG-R10 is Compatible With:

  • Canon EOS R5
  • Canon EOS R6

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Built from the ground up

The EOS R System and RF Mount takes the heritage of the existing EOS System to new heights. Designed in line with technological advancements and end user feedback when developing the EOS R System, Canon engineers considered the ease of handling and potential to expand the lens portfolio in the future.

Quality by design

The RF lens mount enables a radical new optical design, allowing large lens elements to be placed as near to the sensor as possible, allowing light to hit the sensor straight on. This reduces optical aberrations, increasing the quality of the image.

Engineered for flexibility

The mount’s short back focus and wide 54mm mount diameter has made it possible for Canon optical engineers to have a new degree of freedom in order to create a new generation of optics – it provides an ideal balance between reducing the size of the system, high-quality images and high-spec performance.