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Elinchrom BX500 Ri Bundle (Pre-Owned)

2 X BX500 Ri Heads
2 X Portalite Softboxes
1 X Carry Bag
6 Months Warranty


Elinchrom BX500 Ri Bundle (Pre-Owned)

Building on the foundation of the Elinchrom RX the BX-Ri series is robotically manufactured, making possible extreme precision, light weight and the addition of computer chips for software implementation. Decoding the Ri designation, the R in BX500 Ri indicates remote operation capability, while the “i” stands for Eye-cell.
A Skyport EL receiver is now built-in, meaning not only remote, wireless triggering regardless of obstructions, at distances up to 394 feet, but also powering up and down or on and off with complete control of the modeling light. Eye-Cell is particularly handy when using the BX-Ri with the on-board optical slave to sync cameras with pre-flash or red-eye function. The photographer simply programs the number of pre-flashes specific to the camera or lets the BX-Ri do it automatically.

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