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Godox RING48 LED Macro Ring Video Camera Light

Optimized for Macro and Close-Up Imaging

Continuous Light from 48 LEDs

Full, Left Side, and Right Side Settings

Effective Range: 1.1-40″



Get ready for your close-ups with the Godox RING48 Macro Ring LED Light. Equipped with 48 daylight-balanced 5500K LEDs, photographers and videographers can enjoy a bright constant light source with an effective range of 1.1-40″. Also, the circular design helps evenly illuminate small macro subjects as well as create beautiful catchlights for portraits. For added control over the light users can choose between having the entire ring on or just the left or right side, allowing users to control how the light falls on the subject.

Powering the RING48 is simple with two options available: either 2 AA batteries or the 3 VDC power input. An AC charger is included for continuous power, though when it is powered by batteries it will run for about 1.5 hours. Additionally, it mounts directly to most lenses and comes with 49, 52, 55, 62, and 67mm adapter rings.