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KONUS 100 20-60X100 Spotting Scope

Tripod Not Included

Camera Adapter Included

Smartphone Adapter Included Smartphone

Protective Professional Case

Multi-coated Optics


KONUS 100 20-60X100 Spotting Scope Overview:

The KONUS 100 20-60X100 Spotting Scope comes with oversized objective lenses and zoom eyepieces, these superb instruments are built to maximize the viewing experience under any light condition and they are now richer than ever, since they also include a special adapter for smartphones that makes them even more versatile. Our acclaimed series of spotting scopes have been completely re-designed in order to amaze even the most demanding users. With oversized objective lenses and zoom eyepieces, these superb instruments are built to maximize the viewing experience under any light condition. And they are now richer than ever since they also include a special adapter for Smartphones that makes them even more versatile.


– Tripod Not Included
– Camera Adapter Included
– Smartphone Adapter Included Smartphone
– Protective Professional Case
– Multi-coated Optics


Magnification/diameter: 20-60×100
Ø Objective: 100mm
Field of view at 1000 m (1000 yd.): 29m/88ft at 20x – 15m/44ft at 60x
Exit pupil: 5 mm at 20x – 1.67 mm at 60x
Weight: 2097gr – 74oz
Lenght: 498mm – 19.6”

About Konus

Verona, Italy, situated in the Northeastern region of the country and best known as the setting to William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, is also home to one of the fastest-growing names in optics:  Konus.  A family-run business for more than 30 years, Konus was founded in 1979 by Giuseppe Alberti and began as a general optics company, manufacturing telescopes, microscopes and binoculars for educational, professional and personal use.  It was almost 20 years later that Alberti met Mark Shore – an American executive in the hunting category – on a flight and got to talking about the business, how hunting is often passed down through generations as a tradition, and of course, the type of optics used on various types of hunts.  Alberti certainly understood family traditions and optics was part of that, so he immediately decided to expand the Konus brand into the hunting and shooting category.

Today, Konus specializes in creating high-quality optics at an exceptional value to hunters and shooters worldwide.  Italian companies are renowned for the design and having a deep understanding of precision and quality. Konus epitomizes this philosophy, creating optics with demanding specifications on the factory to ensure that each product matches a standard requirement before it is released.  Since 2006, Konus has been offering its wide range of shooting optics in the American market to much acclaim.  Hunters, law enforcement officials and shooters of all kinds consistently rave about the quality and accessibility of the optics, making Konus one of the most up and coming brands in this ever-growing category.

“Our mission is to offer European design at very accessible prices, and that’s the business model we’ve been working under for 30 years,” says Stefano Alberti, Vice President and son of Giuseppe Alberti.

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