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Konus KonusMotor 130 Reflector Telescope

5″ / 130mm Aperture

1000mm Focal Length, f/7.7 Focal Ratio

Equatorial Mount, Right Ascension Motor

Anti-Reflection Multicoated Optics

1.25″ Motorized Focuser

10mm and 17mm Plossl Eyepieces

Two-Section Aluminum Tripod

Red Dot Finderscope

OTA and Tripod Carrying Bags

Moon Filter and Smartphone Holder


Konus KonusMotor 130 Reflector Telescope Overview:


The Konus KonusMotor 130 Reflector Telescope from Konus is an ideal intermediate scope for making observations of the Moon and planets as well as brighter deep-sky objects. The 5″ primary mirror and anti-reflection multicoated optics ensure images are bright and clear. This German equatorial mount is a step-up from a beginner version with the addition of a Right Ascension tracking motor that counteracts the Earth’s rotation and keeps your subjects centred for longer observation sessions. Using the motor to track, instead of the more common manual cable not only ensures steady and smooth movement but also greatly reduces vibrations. The manual slow-motion declination cable allows for adjustments if necessary. To further reduce vibrations Konus outfits the focuser with a motor that can achieve a smooth fine focus that manual focusing often cannot.

Assembled as a complete observation platform, the scope includes an adjustable-height aluminium tripod, a red dot finderscope for faster alignment and sighting, and two eyepieces. The 10mm eyepiece produces 100x power, and the 17mm produces 59x. A filter is also included for users to safely make detailed observations of the Moon. To transport and carry the OTA and tripod are two bags with zipper closures.

Optical Performance

  • 5″ aperture
  • f/7.7 focal ratio
  • 1000mm focal length
  • Anti-reflection multicoated optics


  • German equatorial
  • Right Ascension tracking motor, runs on one 9V battery
  • Manual Declination slow-motion cable
  • Counterweight bar with adjustable counterweight
  • Cradle ring assembly to adjust OTA position relative to mount for optimal viewing and balance
  • Two-section aluminium tripod, adjustable from 26-42″


  • 1.25″ motorized focuser, runs on two AA batteries
  • 10mm eyepiece yields 100x power
  • 17mm eyepiece yields 59x power
  • Red-dot finderscope
  • Moon filter for safe observation of the moon
  • Two soft carrying cases for the OTA and tripod/mount
  • Smartphone holder to attach the device to OTA



– Newton Ø130mm (5.1″) Focal lenght 1000mm f/8.
– Multi-coated mirror, equatorial mount with R.A. tracking motor, two-section metal tripod from 67 to 107cm (2.3ft to 3.8ft), red dot finder, a moon filter, 2 diam. 31.8mm (1.25″) eyepieces Plossl 10mm and Plossl 17mm, moon and sky map, two soft cases for carryng the telescope, electric focuser and instructions.


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