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Konus Konustudy-4 Microscope

15x / 45x / 90x Objectives

10x Eyepiece

150x / 450x / 900x Magnification

Coarse Focusing System

Reversible LED Illuminator & Mirror

Adapter Works with Most Smartphones

Plastic Frame with Blue Finish

Introductory Slides & Equipment Included


Konus Konustudy-4 Microscope overview:

The Konus Konustudy-4 Microscope has a magnification of 150x to 900x and can be used for educational purposes. The Konustudy-4 is equipped with a plastic body and optical glass lenses and is complete with different accessories. These accessories enable the user to observe and experience the things that exist in the world around us unable to be seen by the naked eye. The Konustudy-4 is supplied with a user manual with 8 different languages, making it the perfect gift for most young and striving scientists.

Now with Smartphone Adapter


The Konustudy-4 comes with a smartphone adapter that can be used with almost all available smartphones. By mounting your smartphone on the Konustudy-4, you will be able to take a picture or make movies. The adapter is compatible with all smartphones with a minimum width of 49 mm and a maximum width of 89 mm. The distance between the camera hole and the bottom of the adapter can be adjusted between 100 mm and 156 mm.


  • Konustudy-4
  • Tweezers
  • 2x Collection Bottles
  • 10x Slide
  • 2x Prepared Samples
  • Cover Slips


Article number: 435014
Brand: Konus
Type: Junior
Usage: Minerals, Coins, Stamps, Insects, Plants
Lighting: Transmission light
User: Beginner
Colour body: Blue
Material body: Plastic
Focusing system: Coarse
Eyepieces: 10x
Objective lens: 15x, 45x, 90x
Dimensions: 120x75x250 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 900 gr
Batteries: AA Batteries (not included)
Working distance (mm): Adjustable
Crosstable: Fixed table with table clamp
Magnification: 150x, 450x or 900x
Type of head: Monocular

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