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Nikon EN-EL12 Battery

For AW130/120/100/110/S9900/97/96/95/94/82/P340/330/320



The high-capacity Nikon EN-EL12 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery is compatible with the Nikon CoolPix S610, S610c, S70, S1000pj & AW100 Digital Cameras. It features lithium technology, which provides maximum battery life and maximum power, and also features No Memory Effect so you can recharge a partially drained battery without reducing runtime.

Nikon Philosophy

Nikon has maintained a resolute and longstanding commitment to the study of light through our corporate philosophy of “Trustworthiness and Creativity”, principles to which we will always be dedicated. Find out more about Nikon’s Philosophy, Aspirations and Commitments.

Nikon Imaging Company’s brand statement aims to create a special affinity between the company and our customers, an affinity that echoes our corporate philosophy of “Trustworthiness and Creativity”.

Imaging presents the world in a whole new light, as it allows us to capture nuances of the heart in a form that is intelligible to others. Our human spirit is constantly inspired by our environment, and every individual has a unique sense of the world. We each experience distinctly different emotions and hope to capture them in their exact form.

Our unique experiences can be vividly expressed in the material world through images. Enabling people to transpose their experiences and feelings into images profoundly alters our life experience, empowering us in so many ways.

At Nikon, there is nothing more compelling than the potential of the image to enrich the human experience. Our heartfelt desire is to continue exploring more possibilities to further realize that potential. We consciously strive to refine human sensibilities through photography, as this creates new value for the image, unlocking the secret to inspiring people to realize the aspirations of the heart

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