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Nikon WR-1 Wireless Remote Controller

  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Works as Transmitter and Receiver
  • Communication Range of 394′ (120 m)
  • 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency
  • 15 Available Channels
  • Group Camera Control
  • Pairs with Up to 20 WR-1 Transceivers
  • Synchronized Release; Interval Shooting
  • Controls and Verifies Cameras Settings
  • Compatible with Nikon WR-R10 and WR-T10


The Nikon WR-1 Wireless Remote Control Transceiver provides remote shooting applications for Nikon DSLR cameras. It can be used as a simple remote control to avoid camera shake when shooting or as a more sophisticated communication device between multiple cameras. This device uses the 2.4 GHz radio frequency for an extended range of 394′ (120 m) when communicating with a WR-1 enabled camera, and by using multiple WR-1’s as a relay, the range can be extended even further.

The WR-1 will act as a transmitter and a receiver to remotely control camera functions on one or several cameras. Up to 15 channels are available to communicate with specific cameras and cameras can be organized into groups to employ synchronized and simultaneous shooting as well as bulb exposure and even video recording. The WR-1 will pair with up to 20 other WR-1s and is compatible with the Nikon WR-R10 transceiver and WR-T10 transmitter. Interval-timed shooting is also possible with the WR-1 and camera adjustments can be made and verified via the WR-1’s interface. The WR-1 attaches to the camera’s hot shoe mount and communicates with the master camera via a cable. The transceiver can stand upright when mounted to the hot shoe for easier control.

Useful for triggering the shutter remotely when using slower shutter speeds, to prevent camera movement.
Can control the shutter on up to 20 cameras paired with another WR-1 or up to 64 cameras paired with WR-R10 unit.
Fifteen radio frequency (2.4 GHz) channels are available to prevent interference when multiple pairings or photographers are shooting in one location.
Enables Interval Shooting, Bulb Exposure, Video Recording
394′ (120 m) communication range
Enables verification and adjustment of camera settings including ISO, shutter speed, aperture and shooting modes.