PolarPro LightChaser Pro iPhone 11 Photography Kit

Built for the iPhone 11 Pro
Designed for mobile content creators who want to capture deeper colors while also reducing glare, reflections, and haze
The compact case design fits in most gimbal setups
A rail system allows for adjusting the placement of the grip


PolarPro LightChaser Pro iPhone 11 Photography Kit Overview


PolarPro iPhone 11 Photography Kit  is the ultimate mobile filter system. Minimalism meets creativity. Make you phone feel and perform more like a pro-level camera by controlling unwanted light before it enters the lens. Change the game in mobile content creation. LiteChaser Pro is built specifically for mobile filmmakers and photographers and is available for the latest smartphone models.

Designed for mobile content creators shooting with the iPhone 11Pro the Filmmaking Kit from PolarPro includes a LiteChaser Pro case and grip. Whether you’re shooting in horizontal or portrait orientations, this kit will give you more control over your composition when capturing photo or video content. The compact case, which fits in most gimbal setups, features a filter mount for use with PolarPro filters, a rubber interior and reinforced hard bumper for protection and shock absorption, and an a built-in rail system for the adjustable and secure grip. The case is also compatible with wireless charging.

The grip fastens to the case with a dual-stage lock to help ensure a secure connection and provides an ergonomic feel with its contoured surface. It also features dual 1/4″-20 threads, one of which is located on the underside and used with tripod mounts, and a second one located on top that is used for lights, mics, and other compatible accessories.

Also included is a Circular Polarizer Filter, which lets you capture deeper colors and reduces glare, reflections, and haze. This filter may also be rotated, which allows the overall effect to be controlled based on the composition of the shot. Built using aerospace-grade aluminum, this filter reduces the amount of light entering the lens by 1.6 stops.

Kit includes iPhone 11 Case + iPhone 11 Grip + CP Filter
* Use in landscape or portrait mode
* Compact case design fits most gimbal set-ups

LiteChaser Pro Case:
* Low profile filter mount for easy installation/removal
* Reinforced hard bumper for added protection
* Wireless charging compatible
* Built-in rail system for adjustable and secure grip
* Rubber interior protects phone with added shock absorption
Dimension: 157.1 x 81.9 x 12mm
Weight: 44.3g

LiteChaser Pro Grip:
* Dual-stage lock ensures a secure case connection
* Contoured grip gives ergonomic camera feel
* Upper 1/4”-20 thread ideal for lights or mics
* Lower 1/4”-20 thread for a rock-solid tripod mount
Dimension: 78.6 x 37.1 x 27.9mm
Weight: 50.8g

Circular Polarizer Filter:
* Capture deeper colours and reduce glare, reflections and haze
* Comes with a hard case and Defender filter cover

Smartphone compatibility: iPhone 11

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