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PolarPro LiteChaser Filter for iPhone 11 ND64

For Mobile Filmmakers and the iPhone 11

6-Stop Reduction in Light

16-Layer Multi-Coating

Helps Reduce Glare, Oil & Fingerprints


PolarPro LiteChaser Filter for iPhone 11 ND64 Overview


PolarPro Filter for iPhone 11 ND64 is the ultimate mobile filter system. Minimalism meets creativity. Make you phone feel and perform more like a pro-level camera by controlling unwanted light before it enters the lens. Change the game in mobile content creation. LiteChaser Pro is built specifically for mobile filmmakers and photographers and is available for the latest smartphone models.

ND64 is the ideal neutral density filter for shooting cinematic footage at normal frame rates. It features 6 stops of light reduction with precise color accuracy. Designed for mobile filmmakers using the iPhone 11, the LiteChaser  from PolarPro reduces the amount of available light entering the lens by 6 stops, which allows for a more cinematic look through manual and more precise control of aperture and shutter speed. Built using an aluminum frame, this filter also features a 16 layer multi-coating to help reduce flaring, fingerprints, and oil as well as an optical density of 1.8 and a light transmission of 1.5%.

* Made from Cinema Series glass
* Comes with a hard case and Defender filter cover

Smartphone compatibility: iPhone 11

Camera compatibility: ultra-wide camera, wide camera, telephoto camera

Outer diameter: 49mm x4mm
Weight: 7.7g

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