Primos Mugshot No Glow Trail Camera (No Glow)

Mossy oak bottomland camo
Rapid 1 second trigger speed
Simple slide switch set-up
PIR motion sensor with 70 degree range


Primos Mugshot Trail Camera (No Glow)

The Primos Mugshot Trail Camera (No Glow) gives every hunter an easy-to-use camera that delivers high-quality shots without a high price. The slide switch set-up allows you to spend more time hunting and less setting up cameras. Delivering 9 months of pictures on a single set of batteries and ultra-clear 12mp images with HD video, the Mug Shot has everything you need in a scouting camera at a great value.


  • 12 MP Images
  • 720p HD Video With Audio
  • Auto Exposure Prevents “White Out” Images
  • Rapid 1 Second Trigger Speed
  • 70 Degree No Glow IR Flash
  • Simple Slide Switch set-up


Image Resolution 12MP
Video Quality 720p HD with Audio
Trigger Time 1 Second
Exposure Auto
Power Supply 8 AA Batteries (Lithium or Alkaline)
PIR Motion Sensor 70 Degree Range
Set-Up Slide Switch

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