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Velbon UT 43D II Aluminum Travel Tripod with Ball Head

Max Height: 61.2″

Load Capacity: 6.6 lb

Weight: 2.5 lb


The Velbon UT 43D II Aluminum Travel Tripod with Ball Head features a remarkable ratio of a maximum height of 61.2″ to a folded length of 11.3″, making it an excellent choice for backpackers and other travelers who need a lightweight and compact yet highly functional camera support.

That ratio is a result of several factors: the two-section center column, the six sections of the aluminum legs, the fact that each leg section disappears completely inside the one above, and the 180° folding of the legs, by which the feet line up perfectly with the top of the included QHD-43D ball head. Together the head and the UT 43D II tripod weigh just 2.5 lb.