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Zoom MSH-6-Mid-Side Microphone for H5/H6

The Zoom MSH-6-Mid-Side Microphone for H5/H6 is an interchangeable component in Zoom’s H5 and H6 modular recorder system.


Zoom MSH-6-Mid-Side

The Zoom MSH-6-Mid-Side Microphone for H5/H6 is an interchangeable component in Zoom’s H5 and H6 modular recorder system. The capsule features two microphone elements – one mid-unidirectional element that faces forward and one bi-directional side element positioned perpendicularly to the first. This arrangement enables the “mid-side” recording technique whereby signals from the center and ambient sounds from the sides can be combined to make the stereo image more narrow or wide. It is suitable for everything from live concert recording, studio recording, rehearsals, and TV broadcasts.

Zoom MSH-6 Specs

Microphone Type Unidirectional and bi-directional

Sensitivity -37 dB, 1 kHz at 1 PA (unidirectional)

-39 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa (bi-directional)

Input Gain -∞ to 42.5 dB

Max SPL Level 120 dB SPL (unidirectional)

122 dB SPL (bi-directional)

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