A Review of the New Canon EOS R5 C

Canon EOS R5 C

Canon’s new EOS R5 C is here, taking the base formed by the popular EOS R5 and refining it into a serious tool for video production. This great video review takes a look at the new camera and the kind of performance you can expect from it in use, including if it solves the overheating issues of the EOS R5. 

Coming to you from Gordon Laing, this great video review takes a look at the new Canon EOS R5 C camera. The EOS R5 C essentially takes the EOS R5 and expands its video capabilities, only adding another $600 to the price. With that added price, you get full frame 8K 60p internal 12-bit Cinema RAW Light with no time limit, thanks to its heavy-duty active cooling system. Other notable features include most of the EOS R5’s features, though in-body image stabilization is notably absent. Hybrid Log Gamma, Perceptual Quantization, and Canon Log 3 are available, a Timecode terminal is built in, as are UVC connectivity, ProRes RAW over HDMI with simultaneous proxy recording, and full frame 4K 120p video in 4:2:2 10-bit.

Dual Pixel autofocus is there as well, of course. The camera can record a separate WAVE audio file for simplified editing workflows, while external power is also possible for extended recording. In video mode, the camera interface essentially transforms into a Cinema camera. Canon even touts the camera’s weight and strong video capabilities as reason for it to be used as a high-level drone camera. Switch it back to photo mode, and it essentially becomes an EOS R5 without the in-body stabilization, but that aside, it looks like the EOS R5 C is an impressively capable camera on both sides of the coin. Check out the video above for Laing’s full thoughts. 

Credits: Alex Cooke, Fstoppers