The 5 Best Mirrorless Cameras

The photographic future has arrived and it is lighter, brighter and more capable. Mirrorless cameras are going to be a part of the photographic landscape for a long time to come. So, if you are thinking of upgrading, or diving in, head first into the world of mirrorless digital cameras, here are five prime examples.

The Canon M50 Mark II

The M50 Mark II by Canon is the perfect camera for the beginners looking to take crisp photographs and videos using a compact, powerful camera. This little beauty is also the perfect partner for any vlogger, streamer looking to up their game and improve their content.

The M50’s mic jack is perfect for capturing live sound via an external mic and its ability to stream 4K videos direct to YouTube make it a fantastic vlogging camera. It is not only powerful in low light conditions but also brilliant outdoors with the ability take different lenses depending on what you need to capture.

Small is now, not only sexy, but extremely capable. 

Sony A7 SIII

If you are looking to get that cinematic feel and produce high quality video at 120fps, in 4k resolution, the A7 SIII is the belle to end all balls. Gone are the days of lugging around a black brick of technology to create a vibrant video productions.

The Sony A7 SIII encourages you to get out there and create a masterpiece with, 5 Axis Image stabilisation, dual CF Express card slots, extremely high ISO sensitivity, intelligent codecs and a ruthlessly dependable auto focus.

Nikon Z5

If you want to capture a moment in vivid colour with stability and ease, the Nikon Z5 is the tool for you. Whether that moment includes a cat, a dog or even human beings, the Nikon Z5 has your back with its potent Eye Detection Auto Focus, and a frame packed with auto focus points.

It is easy to add authenticity to your images with the Z5’s 20 Creative Picture Controls, available in real time through the viewfinder or the touch screen display. This enables you to adjust, shoot and construct beautiful, rich photographs on the fly.

Canon R5

Unleash your creativity with this intelligent, fast and efficient camera. The R5’s massive 45 mega pixel sensor in combination with 5940 focus points, makes it capable of capturing both fast moving action and creating rich detailed portraits.

It is a vastly capable jack of all trades, that can seamlessly switch between shooting still photographs at 20 frames per second and capturing 12-bit 8k raw video. The R5’s recipe of a powerful sensor, deep learning AI in combination with a powerful RF lenses makes it a brilliant mixture of both brain and brawn.

Canon R3

The Canon R3 is both the beauty and the beast. A tough, dependable and intelligent camera for the working photographer. With a highly advanced sensor and state of the art eye tracking technology, the R3 will easily capture the action out in the wild, or at any sporting event in stunning 4K resolution at a rapid 120 frames per second. 

The R3 will be a valuable partner for any photographer. It is a powerful combination of a still and video camera. With its chunky ergonomics, weather sealing, and whip fast wired LAN 2,4 GHZ communication, the R3 is a workhorse to use day in and day out.

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