Canon R5 Versus R6 Versus Sony a7S III: Which Is the Best Camera for Vlogging?

Both Sony and Canon have released three hugely significant vlogging camera in the last few months, vloggers now have a smorgasbord from which to choose from. The question is which is the best? The Canon EOS R5EOS R6, or the Sony a7S III? This video finds out.

This video from Tony Northrup discusses which camera is the best for vlogging. The Canon R5 vs R6 vs Sony a7S III whose better for vlogging.

The a7s III, Sony finally responded to pressure and added a fully articulating screen, making the camera a viable option for many vloggers without having to resort to workarounds such as attaching a monitor or funky little mirrors that slot into the hotshoe attachment. This has resulted in there now, being three options for vloggers to produce high-quality run-and-gun content.

Tony also says that their is uncertainty over the R5’s reliability given its tendency to overheat when shooting 4K30 HQ and its much-vaunted 8K, while the a7SIII features only a 12mp sensor, making it more of a dedicated video camera rather than a true hybrid that many vloggers might prefer. With the R6 sitting in between them.

Whichever you choose, you might need to be patient. As each of these can fetch you a hefty price.

Is Northrup right in his conclusion? Let us know which would be your choice as a vlogging camera in the comments below.

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Original article: fstoppers.com (Andy Day)