This Crazy Camera Shoots Between 24mm and 600mm

Sony RX10

Most of us would love a lens that could literally cover every focal length we would ever need, and the Sony RX10 series actually offers that, with a range of 24-600mm. This neat video shows you its versatility and creative potential shooting street photography. 

Coming to you from Mike Smith, this great video shows the Sony RX10 in action shooting street photography. The RX10 is a very interesting bridge camera. Bridge cameras are a lesser-discussed category. They sit between point and shoot models and more advanced interchangeable lens bodies, usually using a zoom lens with a large focal length range and possessing a 1-inch sensor or something of a similar size. Meant as a travel body or a prosumer camera, they emphasize versatility above all else. Of course, with a smaller sensor and a zoom lens with a 25x range, you should not expect top-shelf image quality from such a body, but when it comes to portability and the ability to tackle a wide range of situations, it is hard to beat such a camera, and that being said, the RX10 puts out quite usable image quality for what it is. Check out the video above to see Smith in action with the RX10.

Credits: FStoppers