Three Posing Tips that Will Improve Your Portrait Photography

Three Posing Tips that Will Improve Your Portrait Photography

Posing is one of the most difficult “arts within an art” to master when it comes to photography, but this short video from Eli Infante might help. Eli shares three tips that you can use to liven up your posing and improve your portrait photography in the process.

The first, and possibly most important, point that Infante makes is that you must master the fundamentals of posing before you start worrying about extra tips like these. He even shares some resources for people who need to start at square one.

But once you’ve got those basics down, he shares three tips/ideas that photographers can and should add to their posing repertoire to help improve their portraiture:

  1. Use a Jacket – A simple jacket isn’t just an additional layer of wardrobe (useful by itself), it also adds a bunch of great posing options.
  2. Use a Prop – This is a great psychological “trick” because it gives the model something to do, helping him or her to relax instead of wondering what they should do with their hands.
  3. Use Your Environment – If you’re not using a prop, look around for some environmental element that can “guide” your pose. These can be fences, benches, walls, etc.

Check out the full video to dive deeper into each of these useful tips; Eli offers some genuinely helpful advice throughout the video while still keeping it under 6 minutes. And if you like his style, check him out on YouTube or Instagram for lots more great educational content like this.

Blog credit to Petapixel (DL CADE) and ISO 1200