Two New Canon EOS M Cameras Will Debut Before the Year is Out

While the camera industry has slowed in recent months, Canon continues to push forward.

New rumors indicate that Canon will be releasing two EOS M cameras by the end of 2020. While the details of these cameras are uncertain, they come as a welcome promise for a (hopefully) post-coronavirus world.

Prior to coronavirus concerns, discussion of two full-frame mirrorless models dominated the internet:

The Canon EOS R5, poised as a mirrorless-style 5D and packing true 8K video, along with in-body image stabilization and 20 frames-per-second continuous shooting.

And the Canon EOS R6, a camera that Canon has been fairly quiet about (but is rumored to have 20 MP sensor, 20 fps shooting, and 4K/60p video).

While coronavirus will potentially delay the release of these two bodies, the original plan was for them to both debut this summer, leaving the fall open for other Canon announcements.

Now we have an idea of what those announcements might be.

Note that we haven’t heard much about Canon EOS M models since the fall of 2019, when the Canon EOS M6 Mark II and the Canon EOS M200 debuted.

The EOS M line offers mirrorless APS-C bodies geared toward entry-level shooters. While some of these bodies offer advanced features such as electronic viewfinders, EOS M cameras are more compact than their full-frame counterparts and come at significantly lower prices.

EOS M cameras are designed to work with Canon’s EF-M lenses. But an optional adapter will allow you to combine EOS M bodies with Canon EF and EF-S lenses, making Canon EOS M cameras an excellent option for Canon DSLR users seeking a switch to mirrorless.

Rumors also suggest that we’ll see several new EF-M lenses debut before the year is out, which is a welcome development given the relative scantiness of the EOS M lens lineup.

So if you’re a Canon shooter looking to switch to mirrorless, or you’re planning to upgrade an existing EOS M body, keep an eye out for further news!

Now over to you:

Are you excited about new EOS M cameras? Which models do you think Canon will announce? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Blog Credit to Digital Photography School (Jaymes Dempsey)