Video Article: The Pros and Cons of the Canon R5 for Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography can be difficult for some people especially if you want to capture those breathtaking images. The Canon R5 has had a lot of coverage with its detailed specifications and initial impressions. The real test of a camera comes after you’ve used it out in the wild.

While the Canon R5 has its issues, especially with its 8K video. Which causes the camera to give it overheating problems but its still a good camera. This video by Kemper Simpich from Summit bid cover some of the aspects of the Canon R5 specifically for landscape photography.

He highlights the rugged and well designed body of the camera. Which shows how much damage the camera can take. This makes its perfect for landscape photography. With the in-body image stabilization opening a new avenue for Canon users.

You can find the Canon R5 here.

(Via Summit bid)