Western Digital Unveils SanDisk Professional Storage Solutions for Pro Creators

WD Unveils SanDisk Professional Storage Solutions - CameralandSandton

If you’re a content creator in need of professional-grade storage drives, Western Digital’s newly unveiled SanDisk Professional line of premium storage solutions is just for you.

Professional photographers and creatives across a wide range of industries are always working with data that’s in a perpetual state of motion. Whether working with photos, high-resolution videos, or illustrations, creatives need to save, transfer, offload, share, and archive their data. The new SanDisk Professional family of purpose-built drives, launched at Western Digital’s Flash Perspective earlier this week, are designed to offer high performance and reliability for all of these things.

“As a professional photographer, one of my biggest concerns is being able to deliver assets as promised,” says adventure photographer and filmmaker Lucas Gilman. “When I am traveling the globe looking for the right shots, I heavily rely on the best equipment to help me get the job done.

“I’ve spent many years perfecting my workflow and am constantly looking for new ways to improve it, which is why I am so excited about the new SanDisk Professional brand. The new portfolio is all about managing content that is constantly in motion and I believe it’s going to be a real game-changer for all kinds of creative professionals around the world.”

The new SanDisk® Professional line combines the legacies of the world-renown SanDisk consumer brand as well as the pro-oriented G-Technology™ brand, which has been the storage choice of Hollywood professionals for decades. The SanDisk Professional lineup now comprises 16 modular workflow products. Here’s a rundown:

PRO-CINEMA CFExpress VPG400 Memory Card

The PRO-CINEMA CFExpress VPG400 is a rugged, pro-grade CFExpress card that allows for video recording at a minimum speed of 400MB/s*.


Western Digital has announced four new PRO-READER devices that each pack a USB-C™ interface that allows for SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps data transfers. These drives are designed to support the most common camera media used for photographers and videographers, including CFast, CFExpress, RED MINI-MAG®, CF, microSD, and SD cards.

PRO-DOCK 4 Reader Docking Station

The PRO-DOCK 4 is a revolutionary new 4-bay reader docking station that provides a scalable solution for offloading data, especially when working with multiple cameras. The station allows creatives to simultaneously offload from four cards.

G-DRIVE™ Portable and Desktop Solutions

The G-Technology family of professional-grade products are now part of the SanDisk Professional stable. In addition to the existing line of ultra-rugged portable drives, desktop devices featuring Ultrastar® drives, and transportable RAID solutions, the SanDisk Professional portfolio also includes a new 4TB** G-DRIVE™ ArmorLock™ Encrypted NVMe™ SSD.


The SanDisk Professional portfolio is expected to begin rolling out this June. For more information on pricing and availability, you can visit SanDiskProfessional.com.

*For transfer speeds, 1MB/s = 1 megabyte per second. Based on internal testing; performance may vary depending on host device, usage conditions, drive capacity and other factors.

**1TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual user capacity may vary. For RAID products, storage is based on RAID 0 mode.

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