What Are Your Worst Photography Habits?

What Are Your Worst Photography Habits?

No photographer is perfect, and we all have our bad habits that we should probably break. What are your bad habits? This interesting video features a photographer detailing five of his and the effects they have.

Coming to you from Gordon Laing, this great video features him discussing five of his bad photography habits and they way they can affect his work. We certainly all have at least one bad habit, and the one that I know I am guilty of is shooting wide open way too often. Having an f/1.2 lens is a blast, and it can be tempting to basically tape down the aperture at its widest and shoot everything that way. I look back at some of my images from when I first got the lens and cringe a bit, because I sacrificed a better shot for showing off that extreme aperture. Once I got over the initial novelty and got back to properly choosing my apertures to make the best possible image, my photos improved noticeably. That is not to say I do not still catch myself reverting to f/1.2 for no reason. Old habits die hard, right? What are your bad habits? Share them in the comments! 

Blog credit to Fstoppers (Alex Cooke)

Video credit to Gordon Laing

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