What Filters Does a Professional Landscape Photographer Use?

In the world of influencers and competition for social media gravitas, it’s no small feat to amass 217,000 followers. That tells me they must have something good to offer. So, when this photographer shared which filters he uses, I took notice. You should too.

Do you play the social media game? I used to, but it became exhausting trying to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms and platform trends. Then, when my two young daughters started running around the house and continually commandeering my phone, I simply gave up. I know how hard it is to consistently post quality content and engage with audiences in a way that provides genuine value, so I have real respect for the few photographers who grind away day after day to offer help and insights and build themselves along the way.

One of those photographers is Mark Denney, and in this video, he shares with us which filters he uses for his landscape photography. They are the black mist filters from NiSi, which are most often used in street photography and portrait photography because they soften the image quite significantly and take away that high-contrast look that you really don’t want with portraits. Give the video a look to see how he uses the mist filters and how you can adapt them for excellent use, particularly in landscape photography and forest photography. What are your favorite filters?

Credits: FStoppers