Why a 50mm Lens Is So Useful for Portrait Photography

50mm lens

When it comes to portrait lenses, 85mm tends to be the focal length that gets the majority of the attention from gearheads and is often where manufacturers put some of their flagship designs. That being said, a 50mm lens is an excellent choice and often the choice of top portrait photographers, and this excellent video will show you why it is so useful.

Coming to you from Becki and Chris, this great video will show you why a 50mm lens is so useful for portraiture work. While lenses like an 85mm or 135mm are often popular for portraiture work, 50mm is impressively versatile and often a better choice when you are shooting half- or full-body portraits, as the longer working distance of short telephoto lenses can make them difficult for such images. If you are newer to portrait photography and have not moved on from a kit lens yet, an affordable 50mm lens (a nifty fifty) is a fantastic choice to learn more about working with wider apertures and to explore your creativity. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

Credits: Fstoppers