Will We Finally See Sigma Lenses for Canon RF Mount?

Canon has clamped down tightly on the RF mount, disallowing essentially any third-party lenses with autofocus. This has been to the dismay of many photographers who embraced lenses from companies like Sigma and Tamron, which often offered options that were either cheaper or simply not available from Canon itself. At least one company is still highly interested in the RF mount, as recently confirmed by Sigma’s CEO, Kazuto Yamaki.

In a recent interview with Photolari, Sigma CEO discussed a range of topics about the company. Perhaps most interesting was the topic of the Canon RF mount, on which Yamaki confirmed the company is “very interested.” Of course, this could mean several things:

  • Yamaki was simply expressing the fact that yes, Sigma would like to expand its library to the RF mount if given the opportunity.
  • Sigma and Canon are actively working on an agreement behind the scenes.
  • Sigma is trying to drum up public pressure on Canon to open the RF mount, a la Google pushing RCS messaging on Apple. 

Certainly, I hope Canon will open the RF mount, even if it’s through licensing. While the RF mount lenses have been highly impressive, more options is always a good thing, and no single company covers every possible lens offering. You can watch the full interview above (auto-generated captions are available by clicking the “CC” button).

Credits: FStoppers